Complete Package

Home warranty and Prices Are Affordable

111Rainbow angels Homes offers you the most efficient and cost-effective solution for new home building. We help you build a new custom home using award-winning house plans and premium home package materials.

Thousands of home owners have built new custom homes for less money using our home packages than with other building systems and house kits.

We provide the home design expertise, brand name building materials, and construction knowledge you need to build your custom home quickly and within your budget.

You also get the benefit of our more than 30 years of experience as a recognized world leader in the home package industry. We specialize in the design and delivery of high-quality, low-maintenance custom homes. We help you achieve the right balance between quality, function and price.


The best warranty is one that is never call upon. And, so it is with ours.

The Rainbow angel’s homes Warranty program is Extensive. All homes have a 10 or 15 year structural warranty and there is minimum 30 years or life time warranty on the roofing materials. Similarly, our Warranty on our low maintenance energy efficient windows is 15 years the result is peace of mind for our customers,knowing that they have purchased quality materials that the suppliers are willing to stand behind.