Complete Package

New Home Building Security – Accessible New Home Financing

A fixed home package price helps provide more cost certainty.

By using our comprehensive design and material package, you have the ability to fix a large portion of your construction costs for an extended period of time. (This same level of cost certainty is not possible for homeowners

working independently with a combination of designers, builders and local lumber yards.)

We can complete the custom design and material packages quickly and efficiently. Also, with meaningful warranties, the investment in a rainbow custom home is protected.

This is why our custom homes typically appraise for more than they cost to build. It also explains why key banks recognize the value of our custom home.

In the current market, financing is a major consideration for many when deciding to move forward with their dream or vacation home. Select banks are offering financing options for our package home purchasers based on the cost certainty of the rainbow process.

For more information on financing your custom home, please call 778 885 0771 or 604 620 0770 or send us an email using the Contact Us section of this site.


 Package Materials working with rainbow gives you the right quality and quantity of materials for your package home or home kit.