Garden products

Garden products

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Wood as an exterior product

In today’s home, wood is a beautiful, renewable and highly energy-efficient choice for exterior cladding. Wood has the inherent ability to absorb and release moisture; its moisture content always matches that of the ambient air, which results in natural regulation and stabilization of humidity. Additionally, some species repel mould and insects.

Since roughly 40%-50% of North America’s carbon emissions are attributed to buildings and nearly all of that is the energy they consume, wood is an excellent choice in reducing energy consumption.

The diverse range of wood species available such as western red cedar, yellow-cedar, Douglas-fir, pine and more – supplies siding, roofing, exterior trim, fencing, landscape design and decking products across North America.

Wood is also used for poles that are durable, safe to use and easy to handle, store and install. These poles are used as pilings, mining-timbers, telephone and electric power line poles and telegraph poles.

Treated wood products

For improved durability and lifespan in harsh conditions, wood can be treated with a variety of preservatives, and can be pressure-impregnated with fire-retardants for improved fire resistance.